Google assistant connecting to nest light Inn in the other devices

I’ve always like the idea of controlling your house with your cell phone, I was waiting on the automation to progress since many years ago, to a point where you could actually set up the devices in your house to turn on and off by using that, and in yourself.

Nowadays we have a Google assistant, for the temple, connecting to the nest hop, and other devices, light lights the thermostat, coffee maker, and many Mars more, and the possibilities for real.

The thing that I like most is that you control everything nowadays with your voice, without the need to purchase a button.

For example, when they were arrive about to arrive to my home I can tell Google assistant to turn on the main bathroom bathroom lights call me to set my thermostat to 21°, and also maybe to turn on some music so when I arrive everything is prepare for me to enjoy my home space at the Madison.

This is it