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Information is the new money.  You have it and you have all the potential of creating infinite richness.

At Info Plus we want to share what we have most.  Information.  You’ll find here these little secrets and tips about almost everything we know.  Technological products, new mobile phones, amazing internet/tech/enterprises cases of success and some critics about how new products are going to behave on the market.

Info Plus Team

Robert Stanson

Computer Engineer, web-savy, connected to the internet world almost every single hour, knows what’s happening on every corner on the planet (thank you Twitter!).  Robert has been in charge of web content for many websites and web companies for long, and he’ll be sure to let you know which software work best in regard to creating content and branding your site.

Robert will also share the best tips about how to buy hardware on internet.  His passion for mobile technology will guarantee that you’ll always have the latests tips on how to choose your new cellphone.

Robert LOVES photography and video recording.  So you’ll also read some GOOD STUFF about how to choose cameras for professional video recording and some tips on how to use video software like Adobe Premier CS5.

Adrian Toro

Electronic Engineer. Financial background, Adrian likes to analyze how companies are going to behave when new products arrives to the market.   He will be sharing tons of tips on how to invest on technological companies and how to know when a company is going to do well on the market.

Adrian has a strong background on engineering so he likes to analyze in detail how tech companies will perform depending on the new products they release to the market.

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