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It’s particularly interesting how human beings have been really good to live long as possible. Four tickets this last generation have been starting age in a sad problem and I said the seeds, instead of acid not something normal that happens to everybody.

The advances in medicine and technology has made possible that human beings expand their life pan from around 25 to 30 years to Naty, almost 90!, Years.

Given that this advance has happened in the last few
In the last few hundred years it will be expected that the human race learns how to live for more than 200 years in short time. It results impossible to imagine that humans are going to be able to crack the code of life and live beyond 200 years, and who knows if it definitely would be in the map. But something is true we’re learning how to do this and we are progressing at a rate that results in print impressive that results impressive.

Who knows?, Maybe we aren’t going to be able to live for