The new better for iPhone this out number 13. It comes with new features that enhance experience of the user of the iPhone.

One of the features that I like most, is the new Shortcuts app, that comes with the possibility of creating automation for your home lights, connect to the CarPlay, and even brew you a fresh coffee in the morning as soon as you set your alarm off.
Other features are, Dartmoor, dark mold, improvements to the keyboard with a swipe function that makes it easier to write.

The better it’s going to be in development mode until September 2019, when it’s going to be released to the public. In the meantime we will be testing and helping the Apple team develop new phones for now.


Buliding the Intelligent Software of the future

Programming a software has been a one way street for decades, you set the code to read a fixed input and return an output. If, for example, the variable you’re looking for is given, you activate a piece of code, if not (else) you simply execute something else.

This works ok, for the type of technology we have had since the past 2 or 3 decades,  but in the future we will definitely need a more intelligent way of doing things. 

The need for an improved and more intelligent software comes from the field of Artificial Intelligence. We will likely need our software to be intelligent enough so it can couple with AI, capable of understanding patterns and programmed in a way that allows the analysis of variables with certain confidence (f.e. not 100% sure, but enough to allow something to happen).

This type of programming would allow our software to work with more generic data. So, for example, if the software has to recognize somebody to allow them in, instead of asking for an username and password and then coding for a “if username/password combination is good – else”, the software would be capable to analyze the confidence by reading multiple generic inputs:

  • User comes to the website.
  • Software analyses behaviour and assigns confidence:
    • Scrolling pattern of the mouse, does it look similar to what the same user normally does.
    • Clicking pattern: Is he clicking on the same links over and over, even clicking at the Bottom/left part of the link?
    • Turn on the camera: Does the software recognizes the face?
  • Use the confidence level to allow the user to do stuff:
    • If confidence is about 30%, might let him navigate and send an activation link to their email, just to be sure
    • If confidence is over 50%, greet him, let him navigate, but not able to change private stuff.
    • If confidence more than 80%, offer coffee!!!
    • ect…

If the software can behave like we behave when we are interacting with another human being, then we can start changing the paradigm and start programming in a more intelligent way.


Neurons in the brain

Program in the New World network it’s hard. You get to have a lot of neurons connected in between each other and taking decisions every single second.

It’s neuron should be capable of taking a decision by comparing objects. For example, if a neuron is presented with a dark picture it should be able to say it’s a dark picture.

That new renewal will only recognize the pictures come any other near in the in the system that will be able to recognize other objects
This way the new Ronald system will work


Posting digital images and videos

Why is people so worried about it posting fake videos on the Internet

I remember in the 90s whenever we started using the digital pictures and the digital cameras, everybody could create a fake image, everybody could go and modify digital image and copy that pic of the face of somebody and paste it into the body of somebody else

Now I’m wondering why people this worry about the posting of fake big fake babies, saying that politicians are gonna be having a lot of trouble, I don’t think nothing special is going to happen

It will be

Launch it

Protecting our country ride with block chain

Block chain could be the solution for the copyright problem of the humanity since they can just go and when you upload material today you could certify that is yours because he’s the first want to get into the app login. That way whenever somebody copies that material reuse that block chain could be at work as a certification that they already know material comes from you.

The uses of luxury

The uses of work plugged in as that copyright protector could be very useful for it so Sapir of the future.


Fake app in the near future of movies

Fake app it’s an app that allows you to create a video using a source in your face or anybody’s face.

As soon as I heard of this idea I thought that in the near future it will be possible to replace the face of an actor with your own face before watching a movie. This means that when you’re with your family in the living room about to watch a new movie you could decide to replace up in the actors face with your face in the same for the rest of the family.

For example if you’re watching a family movie your child’s face your face