GoPro Hero is here to stay

The GoPro Hero was a big revolution a few years ago.  With a HD camera and extremely good quality, it allowed thousands of people to go out and record all their outdoor activities, from extreme sports to car racing.

Extreme Sports and GoPro Hero

It’s a camera extremely easy to use and with super quality and the new model, the GoPro – HERO3 HD Silver Edition, it’s even more awesome than the other ones.  It has built in wi-fi, so you can say goodbye to wi-fi accessories or cards and it captures ultra-wide 1080p at 30fps, so be ready to record your outdoor activities and immediately share them online with your friends on extremely high quality.

You can see the most amazing features here:



Beats Wireless headphones

The Beats earphones, doubtlessly, have been the most popular earphones on the last two years.  Almost every music lover has bought one of these and enjoys what can only be described as a “superior music quality”.  The Beats earphones are beautifully designed to maximize comfort and create a surrounding environment that could only be dreamed a decade ago.




We knew that the Beats earphones were simply amazing, but now they come with an extra feature that makes them even more amazing than ever!  You can now go wireless with them!

Go wireless with Beats

Beats has designed the best wireless headphones of the market, and best of all, you can select if you want to go wireless of ir not, just plug them.  The incorporated battery last for 10 hours without interruption and they are rechargeable by USB.

The technology behind the Beats Wireless Headphones is the well-known Bluetooth, so you can use them on any bluetooth enabled device, even on your TV. And they also come with volume and next/previous controls on the earcup, so why bothering searching for the cellphone or the TV control to change your music or control the volume?  Simply beautiful…

Here you can see a comparison video of Beats headphones:


The new iPhone 5

The new iPhone 5 has arrived to the market.  This time it seems to have not that many feature changes at its predecessors had.  We remember that every time Jobs released to the world a new baby, it was packed with tons of different features and cool new tech stuff, but this time, the company didn’t do it and may be the “Steve Jobs” influence has come to play now that he’s not longer present


Will the iPhone 5 be as succesful as the predecessors?

This is an excellent opportunity for investors to measure their investment on Apple. The price of the stock is on its lower for a year (around 450 per stock) and it seems that a new iPhone with a hight resolution screen and better battery performance is not going to be all apple needs to retake their position on the market.

We will see if the brilliant creativity that Jobs had place into each one of the products that Apple developed in the past can be replaced with some genius work from the developers and engineers for the next iPhone.  If not, may be we could be on the edge of a new technological era with other companies (for example Samsung) leading the market.



Will the new Blackberry 10 conquer the world?

Amazing as it sounds, Research in Motion is trying again to elevate the blackberry to a desired position on the market.  This, of course, is not their first try, but could be the last one if the mobile company doesn’t get its objective this time.


Blackberry has been a strong brand on the market for many years, but lately it has loose a lot of steam by not releasing upgrades to their phones on the right moment and by letting competitors run ahead with implementing the most newest characteristics on their phones.

It could be the last time for Blackberry

The company is placing all the effort on this new blackberry 10 software and on their new blackberry touch device.   This is the moment of truth, or they sell the device like crazy and get a good share of the market again, or they can say goodbye to their positioning on the market and see their stocks get even lower on the stock market.

Only time will tell…

Do you think the blackberry 10 will be a success?

If you think blackberry is here to stay and may be you’re interested on buying a new blackberry, we recommend visiting the page, where you’ll find the new blackberry 10 and you will be able of buying it online, fast and easy.



Be ready to video-rock with the Panasonic AG-AC160

If you want to simply stop recording amateur videos, stop using amateur hardware.  Do you still simply belive that your iPhone or Samsung will record amazing video only because they have a 1080p built-in camera? Or you trust you will be doing amazing night-recording with a $400 dollars Sony camera?

It is time for you to step into the best of the video technology.  This is NOT for amateurs, so be ready to switch your way of thinking and also to have a few thousands in your pocket to spend.

Panasonic AG-AC160 camera

This is the golden heaven, the cherry on top of the ice cream. This is the Ferrari of cameras or the BMW you always dreamed to have… Well, you get the idea…  This camera is REALLY good and your home movies will suddenly become the greatest films ever recorded! (…on your neighborhood)

This camera cost around $4000 dollars, so be ready to spend some good bucks. You will not regret it!


The camera includes Image Sensor with integrated 22x lens (that means 22x OPTICAL zoom, forget about the 3x or 4x on your digital photo camera)

This camera features a HDMI Output, a USB port, and two inputs for mic.  It also allows you to record between 2 and 60 frames per second, so prepare your creativity to create awesome slow-motion effects and/or fast-motion videos.

Just watch this test on a time-lapse with clouds:

The only thing you will have to take care with this camera, is to have spares of batteries, as it really consumes batteries really quickly and you wouldn’t want to be outside recording videos and find yourself without any more power on the go.