Be ready to video-rock with the Panasonic AG-AC160

If you want to simply stop recording amateur videos, stop using amateur hardware.  Do you still simply belive that your iPhone or Samsung will record amazing video only because they have a 1080p built-in camera? Or you trust you will be doing amazing night-recording with a $400 dollars Sony camera?

It is time for you to step into the best of the video technology.  This is NOT for amateurs, so be ready to switch your way of thinking and also to have a few thousands in your pocket to spend.

Panasonic AG-AC160 camera

This is the golden heaven, the cherry on top of the ice cream. This is the Ferrari of cameras or the BMW you always dreamed to have… Well, you get the idea…  This camera is REALLY good and your home movies will suddenly become the greatest films ever recorded! (…on your neighborhood)

This camera cost around $4000 dollars, so be ready to spend some good bucks. You will not regret it!


The camera includes Image Sensor with integrated 22x lens (that means 22x OPTICAL zoom, forget about the 3x or 4x on your digital photo camera)

This camera features a HDMI Output, a USB port, and two inputs for mic.  It also allows you to record between 2 and 60 frames per second, so prepare your creativity to create awesome slow-motion effects and/or fast-motion videos.

Just watch this test on a time-lapse with clouds:

The only thing you will have to take care with this camera, is to have spares of batteries, as it really consumes batteries really quickly and you wouldn’t want to be outside recording videos and find yourself without any more power on the go.