Don’t forget to link your Google Analytics account with Adsense

Are you showing ads in your website? If so, you’re probably using Google AdSense.

The display of the Ads is a popular practice in the world of blogs and websites. Google AdSense makes it really easy to display ads tailored to your audience. Just insert the code, and Ads will display right away anywhere you want in your website.

When a visitor later navigates any page of your website, they may click on one of the Ads they are being served, generating revenue for you.

Your Google AdSense report will show how many clicks you had had per Ad and from which website they came from. The Google Adsense is very basic, only showing clicks and revenue, but no visitor navigation or any visitor details.

Only if you integrate your Adsense account with Google Analytics, then you will be able to see the specific page where the visitor click the Ad.

Why is it useful to link your Adsense account with Google Analytics

If you see that a particular ad unit is doing very well, you might want to know which one is the page that it’s bringing more revenue you to your business.

This information will only show at your Google Analytics account if you link the Adsense and Analytics accounts together.

Once you link them, there’s gonna be a new publisher tab on the reports where you can see the specific page for which the revenue it’s bigger in your website.

How can I link my accounts

You can link the account by clicking the New Adsense Link and following all steps:

Once the accounts are linked, you will see the following:

How to link to a specific View

Linking your Adsense and Google Analytics accounts is not enough. You also have to be sure to link the “view” that you normally use to see your Analytics reports.

This is something that most people overlook. Then only to realize that there’s no information on clicks/pages after a while.

With the information being poured over your Google Analytics, now you can start optimizing the pages where you get the most of the links clicks so you can bring in more traffic to these pages.

If you want to try it now, go to the following link to get into your Google AdSense account.

Or if you still do not have an Adsense account, click here to start.