Beats Wireless headphones

The Beats earphones, doubtlessly, have been the most popular earphones on the last two years.  Almost every music lover has bought one of these and enjoys what can only be described as a “superior music quality”.  The Beats earphones are beautifully designed to maximize comfort and create a surrounding environment that could only be dreamed a decade ago.




We knew that the Beats earphones were simply amazing, but now they come with an extra feature that makes them even more amazing than ever!  You can now go wireless with them!

Go wireless with Beats

Beats has designed the best wireless headphones of the market, and best of all, you can select if you want to go wireless of ir not, just plug them.  The incorporated battery last for 10 hours without interruption and they are rechargeable by USB.

The technology behind the Beats Wireless Headphones is the well-known Bluetooth, so you can use them on any bluetooth enabled device, even on your TV. And they also come with volume and next/previous controls on the earcup, so why bothering searching for the cellphone or the TV control to change your music or control the volume?  Simply beautiful…

Here you can see a comparison video of Beats headphones: