Benefits of using wordpress multisite themes

Here we are going to see the top benefits of using a WordPress Multisite ready Theme on your sites:

Changes in style.css

By not having a duplicate wordpress install and a duplicate theme, all changes in your theme are going to apply to all Sites where you theme is installed.

Forget about updating your logo on the english site and then having to update your logo on the french site.   Or updating your header html on your info subdomain and then having to update it on the main subdomain.   With wordpress multisite all Sites are sharing one theme, and that’s it!



Probably one of the most important benefits of a WordPress Multisite where Sites are sharing a theme is that we can have the theme to display on as many languages we need without installing ANY plugin or introducing if/else conditions.

With wordpress multisite we can save a lot of time and/or headaches by not having to do additional steps to have our site translated:

  • There’s no need to install Qtranslate or WPML plugins.   No more tricks on the database, saving multiple strings in multiple languages and get dirty by creating a mess in our tables with all those <!–:en–> <!–:fr–> tags.
  • There’s no need to read get_locale and compare the value to display different words for different languages (no need compare fr_FR, es_ES, en_US, etc)
  • No need to expand the lines of code by doing if/else conditions to compare and display something different if the language is english, french, spanish or any other language out there..

This is of a great added value specially when you want things to stay simple.

Thanks to the fact that wordpress uses the internationalization and localization system most commonly used, we can now create wordpress themes that are going to be showing on many languages without the need of a plugin.

Now go ahead and read the following article: how to create a translation-ready wordpress multisite theme