Configure a sharing bar on your wordpress posts


Jetpack logo

Sharing has become easier than ever with the Jetpack plugin for WordPress. You can now forget about trying to edit your single.php code to get a share bar on your theme.  Jetpack comes with a preinstalled share bar that will show whichever service you want it to show, and it is configurable from the wp-admin backend.

To get the sharing working, installed the Jetpack from WordPress plugin on your site, and activate the “Sharing” box inside the plugin settings.  You will need to find a box like this one:

Jetpack Sharing Box


After you activate the sharing box, click on Configure and you will get to a screen where you can scroll down directly to the section named “Available Services“.  Here you can drag & drop the buttons you want the share bar to show.

Drag them and drop them on the “Enabled Services” section below.

Jetpack Activate Services

Also keep scrolling until you get to a section that says  “Show buttons on“, which will help you set where do you want your sharing bar to appear.  Select at least “Posts”

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 3.01.03 PMAfter you do this easy configuration, your sharing bar will start appearing on your post, below the content.  You can see an example here: 

Jetpack Share frontend