Controlling your house with Siri is now easier than ever

With the use of Shortcuts in the iPhone, now is easier to control devices in your home. This iPhone app let you configure actions that are going to be wrong anytime you tell Siri specific command.

So, for example: if you would like to turn off the lights of your living room anytime you were going upstairs, you could create a Shortcut. Vannn, you would only have to tell Siri something like “hey Siri, turn off the lights of the living room”, or “hey Siri, I’m going upstairs”, and Siri would take it from there by running the sequence of comments that you have implemented in your app.

How to connect the iPhone with my devices at home

There’s a tricky thing that you have to know: unless you have Apple TV fourth generation, or any other way to connect your iPhone with your home, you will not be able to control any devices with the iPhone.

The easiest way would be to install Google assistant, there’s a trick to connect to google assistant with Siri and then let Google assistant control your devices.

You can read more in here:

This way anytime you tell Siri to do an action, Google assistant will receive the common bit and then proceed to do the action, like turning off lights, changing your thermostat if you have a Nest, etc.

You can start playing with the application now, we recommend you to visit this community at Reddit where you will find a lot of information about how to set up and recommend the configurations: