Don’t buy a notebook

Don’t buy a notebook! I know it sound harsh to say and I say it not because I hate notebooks, but unless you’re planning to just read mails and install a few programs, a notebook is not the best to go.
First thing first: speed. The notebooks are NOT made to be fast, they are made to brought small and easy to carry. Don’t expect to buy a notebook and then install all the office suite plus adore reader plus java and some other piece of software you want without expecting to be waiting for minutes before one of these programs open.

It is also slow with browsers. You do well when you have four or five tabs open, but as soon as you start opening more than 10 tabs you will get serious issues with the navigation speed.
Second: memory expansion. Most of the notebooks allows no memory upgrade, so you’re pretty much stuck with what you buy. This wouldn’t matter much if you buy a Mac with 8gB RAM memory as you wouldn’t notice slowness but it will matter if you’re buying a notebook with only 1gB memory.

Be savy and want a little longer, you could get a pretty much decent laptop for 200 or 300 more, and you will not regret your decision after.

Be sure to review constanly websites like amazon, where they always have laptop offers so you can get advantage of a far better price that in store.