Driving out of town

Date today I’m driving out of me while I’m driving I’m having Siri take notes for me this way I can practice my pronunciation meanwhile are worth of bribing when I’m done

We had to wake up very Arity had to make up the class for an hour and driving outside that means we need to wake up and call anyway we needed and I will be returning back and driving for an hour and a half we meet at my house and also where going to be a movie that mean I’m returning back at my house around 10 PM

That means that we know that I am driving moment accounting for more than three hours this day, I will be able to think about and invite you to sing with me and over more in the way of behaving human being

I have never been in your truck to your between yard in America for a while and then nobody will

Play which one they can fly to that folder and me the meaning you are home I will realize how are you we are being married or seated no more than three or four years but I am finished with a morning by a foreign can you that I want