Get a free month of Stadia Pro with an invite code

Did you know that you can get to try Stadia Pro for 1 month if you have an invite code with you. Anyone can create an account using an invite code, and receive an extra month of a Stadia Pro subscription for free. This comes in addition to the regular trial subscription, which also gives you 1 aditional month to try Stadia Pro.

The Stadia invite code is only available for non-supervised accounts that are registered inside Canada or the US, so if you’re in either country, you would be ready to play for two whole months for free as soon as you register and activate your Stadia Pro subscription.

If you don’t live in the US or Canada, you can still profit of the 1-month free trial that comes with all new accounts.

As soon as you register an account, you’ll be able to play in any device, or just connect your controller to the chrome cast and play using your TV. There are plenty of free games to try, like Outcasters, one of our favourite games.

Here’s a stadia invite code to get you started. Get a one-month trial plus an extra free month and play instantly without a controller (on your laptop or desktop) by using our rerferal link below:

Stadia invite code

To start playing Stadia, Just use the invite link above and register your free account in order to start a free trial for Stadia Pro. You’ll not pay any money at all and get a total of 2 months for free to play great tames!

Remeber that in order to play Stadia, you don’t need but your mouse and keyboard. Of course, if you have a Stadia Controller, awesome, the games play way better, but if you’re playing on a computer, you get immediate access directly from your browser window.