Google Nexus 4 for $199 – Incredible price!

What could be the best deal for an smartphone ever just got better a few hours ago, when Google decided to drop the price of his Nexus 4 from $299 unlocked to only $199



The news about the new Nexus 4 costing $299 have been assimilated in almost every corner of the world for a few days, but suddenly we got the information that Google is dropping the price $100 more to a fabulous $199.

Considering the type of device we’re writing about, this price has become the most ridiculous low price of an smartphone EVER. That being said, there’s no reason not to try this smartphone

If you already got this phone, why not getting a few accessories for it ?

This device comes with the brand new google maps which gives you multiple direction choises directly on the same screen and helps you navigate trough your map easier than ever.

The phone also includes panoramic pictures and a full speed CPU processor.

Rumors are that iPhone is preparing a cheap phone that will attract masses to their brand, or either google is preparing a new Nexus 5.