How Ethereum could transform the internet

This is a video, produced by Jim Epstein of ReasonTV, explains how Ethereum is revolutionizing the way computing systems works.

Ethereum is an ambitious new online computing platform that represents a new paradigm of a computer with 100% uptime.

One of the takeaways in this video is the reasoning that the Internet overtime became a hub of centralized services.  Google and Facebook for example, became centralized hubs of information, like the Encyclopaedia was in the old days.

The music industry is also suffering from this centralization, even in this modern era.  All entities that run the music business are not only putting themselves in between musicians and fans, but also charging high fees from music sales.

ConsenSys believes that a platform that runs in Ethereum can be the true decentralized hub for music groups to sell their music and receive immediate profit, distributed automatically in between all musicians and participants for each song.

ConsenSys created a beta software running in Ethereum where you can buy music and all collaborators receive their share just a few seconds after you make your purchase.  Try to have an idea of how this new way of buying music would work.

ConsenSys employs 68 people in 9 countries and is developing software in different industries based on the Ethereum system.