How to connect your wallet to Zapper Dashboard

Zapper is a free, web-based dashboard that gives you real-time visibility into your Crypto wallets, deposits, accounts, liquidity status and general DeFi investments.

With just a glimpse, you’ll be able to know the status of your whole crypto portfolio and take decisions quickly, based on how your assets and debts are moving in real time

How to configure Zapper

You can see any wallet in Zapper without even the need of login into the system or connecting your wallets. The ETH address for the specific wallet you want to monitor will suffice.

Once you add an ETH address, you’ll see it appear in your « Manage Addresses » area. Furthermore, if you connect to your wallet from Zapper, you’ll see that it appears in the “Connected” section whenever you visit your addresses:

Connecting a wallet to Zapper is not required, but allows you to do transactions directly from the Zapper dashboard.

What can you do with Zapper

Inside Zapper you’ll be able to do transactions, exchange your coins, provide to liquidity pools and much more. Let’s dive into the different options:

Exchange: Zapper provides an exchange area, where you can directly exchange coins. Once you select the coins you want to exchange, Zapper will connect with the different crypto exchange services and bring you the best quote.

Pool: Zapper is also useful to provide liquidity to pools. You can see all pools available in a nice sortable table and select the pool that you want to use to provide your liquidity. Entering and Exiting a pool is as easy as clicking a button and Zapper will automate the process to the extreme.

Farm: If you want to stake your cryptos in exchange for some rewards, Zapper will also present all of the options to you in a clear and easy way, so you can select which DeFi system you want to use to stake.

Save: Zapper also connects to Aave, for easy deposit of crypto currencies, so you can select to save some money and gain interests directly from the dashboard.

Zapper will surely become your favorite tool once you have configured all of your accounts! By simply accessing it, you’ll see in a glimpse the current status of all your wallets, accounts, deposits, debts, any DeFi investment, etc.