How to get PAN and TILT to work with the Foscam FI8910W and Vera3 z-wave controller

One of the main purposes of purchasing a Foscam camera is to be able of PAN and TILT using the web based controls that the camera brings.   This is possible using the Vera3 controller but only if you download a plugin that will activate the functionality.

There are two plugins that will help pursuing the goal of having PAN and TILT working for your camera on the vera3 controller. The first one is


Both of these plugins will install a file called I_FoscamPTZ.xml that you will later use to indicate to Vera3 that the “Generic IP camera” device that you are installing will have special functionalities defined on that XML file. 

After you proceed to install one of these plugins the XML file will be available for you to use it.  Go to your camera settings using the “Advanced Settings” screen or the UI5 interface and add the name of that file to the variable impl_file.  After you do this click on save and the camera will be ready to use the PAN and TILT modes within the Vera3 interface.

Later whenever you want to see your camera you will see that the PAN and TILT controls appear on the interface and by clicking them you can fully move your camera up down left or right.  See these two last screenshots as examples of a camera control using both Vera3 interfaces (the advanced one and the simple one)