How to install a Twenty Eleven Child Theme

The best thing to do when you’re starting to create a wordpress page or blog is to install a Child theme right away.

For that, you will want to create a new folder on the following directory:


You can create this new folder with whatever name you like you theme to be named.  

After you create it, simply create a new style.css file with the following text inside:

Theme Name: My Theme
Theme URI:
Description: This is a Child theme for the Twenty Eleven theme 
Author: My Name
Author URI:
Template: twentyeleven
Version: 0.1.0

@import url("../twentyeleven/style.css");

/* You can start introducing your own css style here. */

This is the best way to control every aspect of your theme, and the best thing about this technique is that you can safely update the twentyeleven theme and there will be no modification to your theme.