Learn the numbers in Spanish

At the very very basic level, we recommend learning the numbers from 1 to 10 in Spanish.  Learning something as simple as the first ten numbers will fuel and motivate you to get into more details about how to say more complicated words.

Let’s have a quick approach on how to learn the first ten numbers in Spanish:

Uno: Number one.  Notice the similarity with english, three letters, Inverse “o”.

Dos: Number two. This will have to be learnt by hearth, “d”, “o”, “s”: dos.

Tres: Number Three.  Easy. Similar to English. Drop the “H”, one “e”, add the “s” and you got it!

Cuatro: Number Four. Nothing to do but learn it by heart.

Cinco: Number Five. Same here.

Seis: Number Six. Aha! Very similar to the same number in English. This should be easy to remember.

Siete: Number Seven.  You see? It wasn’t that hard after all!

Ocho: Number Eight. Seems the “h” is the only one in common.  Although the pronunciation has a few similarities in both languages.

Nueve: Number Nine. Also similar to the eight, only one letter in common.

Diez: Number Ten.  It is very important to learn this one! The “Diez” sound is used in every single number from 16 to 19. (similar to what you would do for 13 to 19 adding a “teen” at the end).

We’ll see more about the numbers in other lessons. Remember that you can always get in touch with us, let us know your details, the reason why are you trying to learn Spanish and we will get in touch as soon as possible:

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