Your first Spanish words!

Everybody interested in learning spanish should at least know how to say three words… No matter if you’re not even started or if you have never had any contact with this language…  These three words are going to be the first ones you learn and the ones you’ll remember forever.

The first one is Hola.  Hola means “Hello” and you say it with some musicality, higher pitch for the first part “HO”, lower pitch for the second part “la”.

HOLA, Hola, HoLa, hola!

The next two words are complementary to this one, these are the words “¿Cómo estás?

Wow! you would probably be all lost with all these symbols! How come there’s an inverse interrogation mark starting that phrase!??  What are those little symbols at the top part of the letters? (…just kidding, you probably know a little french by now, eh?)

Well, don’t even look at these yet, just disregard whatever info is there that you don’t know.  Let’s concentrate in the two main words:

Cómo: This word means “How” and it is also used to start a question. “How are you doing?”

Estás: This word means “to be” for the third person.  In spanish there are in fact two words for “to be”:  “Estar” and “Ser”.  Each one of these with a totally different meaning.

We assure you that this last word will hunt you in your dreams!  You will forget it that much when you’re speaking in Spanish and confuse it with “Ser” that it will become your most favorite word in this language!  It will be always a riddle to discover which one applies for “to be” and we guarantee you’ll have tons of amusement with it!

Hope you enjoyed your first three words in Spanish! “Hola, ¿cómo estás?”