Les Miserables

Surprisingly, I did like the last remake of The miserables. I went with my girlfriend to the movies without the minimum hope of enjoy and spent the first few minutes wondering why I let her drag us to see this film, but as the main character started to build his personality I started to forget that they were singing trough all the movie and started to focus on how the story develops.


The first part of the movie was more about understanding the struggle of the main character, why he had become such a bad person and how he struggled inside when he received an undeserved help from the priest.


After that, the movie was an easy ride for me, I focused no more on the singing and got to know all the characters and enjoy the personalities.

Russell  Crowe performance is brutal! I didn’t know he could perform so well meanwhile singing trough the whole movie. Also Sacha Baron performs amazingly, even though he’s not one of the main characters.

I would still not recommend it but if you take a shot be sure you could be surprised on how good the acting is for most of the actors and how well the story develops throughout the movie.