Let’s get wiser with Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a topic that gets overlooked by many employees around comporations in the world.

Physical Security at our offices

If you walk away from your office desk, you don’t want someone just sneaking out, looking at your emails or even sending emails in your name. Same if you leave for lunch and you leave the computer opened and unlocked, someone could have access to your files while you’re gone.

So there’s a few steps that are easy to follow and that you should get into the habit of doing every single day

  • Lock your computer whenever you walk away, even for a quick 5 minutes coffee break.
  • Encrypt all pendrives or removable media, just in case you loose them or they fall from your bag while walking on the street.
  • Don’t write any passwords in paper, under any circumstance.
  • Do not share passwords, if someone needs access to your account, allow supervised access so you can monitor their activity while using your account.
  • Do no repeat the usage of the same password for different accounts. Never use the same password twice
  • Almost all companies have an IT department, you should be able to get ahold with them in case you believe there’s a security issue.

What about if my account was part of a data breach

Nowadays, most services are able to notify you if there was a data breach in their services, so you can replace your password immediately.

Resetting the password has also become a standard procedure. Don’t be afraid to use this feature if you think your password is weak.

If you’re in a Macbook, be sure to upgrade to iOS 13 or higher, anything below that would be open to be compromised by malware and could theorically spread virus to any network.

Maintain two different computers in place, one for work-related tasks and another one for personal ussage.

This way, you will avoid security threats or breaches. Also, if you have kids at home, it’s better if you loan your personal computer, so they don’t have access to your work files, or even worst, mistakenly click something that fires a mass email to all of your co-workes.

Most typical attacks on the Internet

Social media is one of the typical sources where scammers would try to get to you. A friend request from a familiar face, or a unsolicited message asking how are you doing? These are attempts to pretend they are one of your friends and gain access to your personal data.

If you, at least, follow these recommendations, you will avoid the most typical situations and increase the security for your personal data and your work-related data.