Logitech has the best HD web camera

We have tried a lot of cameras from Microsoft and Logitech on the last 2 years. Each one of them bring a new capability that we appreciate: skype connection, auto focus and zoom, software for editing or recording the video, etc. but they all have been failing on the simplest thing: Simplicity… or simplicit√© as our French friend would say.

After a long wait we have stumble upon a really good camera, and it is he Logitech C920.

The Logitech C920 is fully HD 1080p and has to built-in speakers that will help you record or broadcast a nice clan video with also clean audio.

The camera is very easy to install as it only requires plugging it to the USB port and it will download the drivers and software from internet.

The Logitech C920 software is really straight forward and will let you manage the zoom (great great zooming ! ) and manage the brightness and colors.

You can use it for streaming video trough internet, using skype or many other streaming apps. Also it records and upload videos directly to your YouTube account (if you give it permissions)

Definitely a good option if you need to get into broadcast and/or record video directly from the computer.

The Logitech C920 cost around $100 but it is totally worth. You will not regret your decision.