Married or with a partner? Save money together!

One of the most powerful things that we have seen during our years giving financial advice is the fact that people can get bigger goals when they are united with somebody else

But there’s nothing as powerful as being married or having a partner in life that you can invest with.

This is because if you get to systematically set money apart together, you will automatically have the double the funds to use when choosing investment assets.

But my partner doesn’t want to invest!

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an investment that you have to do together, we will see how powerful this effect of having a partner putting money aside together every week or every month or every paycheque is, when you get to for example, save for a trip together

But if you did this with a partner, and each one of you set apart let’s say $100 every paycheck, in a matter of a few months you will have accumulated 3 to $4000 with minimum effort, more than enough for a good time away.

So if you can show it to your partner the effect it has saving money together to invest in vacations, you will be one step ahead when the time comes for you to involve your partner into an investment decision.

Even setting aside the same $100 each paycheck, will get you around $5000 a year to invest in anything you want together. The stocks, bonds, in small companies in your surrounding area, etc.

The power of investing together

Now imagine if you get serious and to put in $10,000 apart every year to invest and your partner is already sold to the idea, you both get 20 K to invest in companies per year

And just a matter of 10 years you guys would have more than $200,000 invested plus any dividends, and then return on the investments. Pretty sweet, no?

So the worst you can do is not starting to do this. Talk with your partner, start with a small objective look at vacation off around 5K, and then move to a bigger objective like creating an investment plan together or you can put them on the outside every paycheque and invest in companies, you both love