My life with Siri

This is my first woman into thing to you I’m going to be posting using Siri and she’s going to be taking off in the Vicky Siri behind it it but I’m just recently moved to add English hear me very good people understand me Siri Kallman that similar it up

So I’m going to be here if that’s what theory understand every time she thinking about can you imagine how did going to be? Me neither but we’re gonna give it a try

The reason why am doing this to pick up and practice every basil making this group so I want to see how my practicing gold by reading them milo everything will time from the birthday Coleman today Houma today very last day when finally Siri can take notes for me about interpretative the war incorrectly

Block it’s going to be call my life with Siri call him and it’s going to be indicated to my interaction with fury every single day she’s going to be taking notes for me meanwhile I’m driving to mail call me and I will be posting except me what she understands call mom giving that my options it’s very strong and Hammonsville learning English