Photoshop for Developers – Select a layer by clicking it

If you’re integrating your HTML/CSS based on a previous made mockup, there will be the time you will need to open a photoshop PSD file to get some image dimensions or color code.

To do this you would first need to select the correct layer so you can see, copy and/or manipulate the image you need.   Normally you select a layer in photoshop by navigating trough the layers menu at the bottom right of the screen:

Photoshop Layers
Photoshop Layers Menu system

But if the Photoshop PSD file is full of layers, it will be very easy to get lost on this menu trying to find the correct layer to click.

That’s why it is very important for you to know that there’s an option in Photoshop that will allow you to click on any image and automatically get directed to that specific layer.

At the top left corner of the photoshop screen you will want to select the cursor icon and then you will see an “auto-select” menu showing just besides it at the top bar.

photoshop auto select layer
photoshop auto select layer

After you click on that checkbox, you will now be able of just clicking on that image and get directed to that specific layer, so you don’t have to navigate trough the layers list to get the details you’re trying to find.

I hope you will enjoy a little bit more your brief photoshop experience with this photoshop tip for developers!