How Playing Outcasters in Stadia Feels Like

Outcasters is an exciting game made by Splash Damage that you can play online with 7 more players.

Once you start playing Outcasters and get the hang of how to fire these power balls, there’s not return back! This game will make you spend hours and hours of time, just sitting in front of your TV or device, playing round after round, and trying to beat everybody.

Here’s a short video to show you how the game looks when you’re playing one round (we beat everybody using 3 split powers, woohoo!).

Outcasters Game Modes

Outcasters has 3 modes that are randomly selected for you once you start the game and connect with other Stadia players:

Team Battle, where you will work with your team in order to eliminate your opponents to score points. The team that scores 10 points wins.

Gold Rush, where you have to collect coins and deposit them as fast as you can at the bank. The team that deposits 50 coins first wins.

Last Caster Standing, where you play against 7 more players in a battle royale style that not only is constrained by a clock ticking but by a ring that closes in the map until everyone left standing is trapped in the middle.

If no team gets to deposit 50 coins, then the game ends after a few rounds and whoever team that has deposited the most will claim victory.

Ranks are presented after each game


Every time you finalize a round, you’ll be presented with some rankings showing how you performed during the game.

If the round was for a Team Battle or a Gold Rush, then you’ll see all your team’s ranking together in the top part of the list.