Practicing repetitions meanwhile driving

Today I’m driving to my work done and I’m learning how to correctly pronounce that word that means it’s Tristan the braces in their right point I am practicing with Siri, because she helps me if why Morava for the freight set a time me what to write down what I’m saying to her that I I like to say that I wanted to say to Siri, what I’m saying to her home instead of what I’m saying to her

Mexican from the Asian it easy requires that you focus you’re a patient in the wars that you have to stress in every brain thought that mean that you are going to be responsible for saying the words in the correct Ménière sucks I would like to Brekkes it for a few days before I get to understand how to say everything go for a duck it’s difficult to be in them because you don’t know where the stress of war, afraid

Moving forward, I want to practice how to correctly pronounce the word dog I will start with this practice right now:

I’m driving my car, I’m driving on the road home my car is Hunter Lane, I will arrive Ward early, I am driving toward home Warwick is waiting for me from Warwick is waiting for me home

It’s hard being, it’s a rainy day call me if it’s going to be home today if you can only come if no it’s falling from noise phone home today everything is why call him today everything is white, it’s a rainy day call me it’s a rainy day Coleman

I have to because that I have to Warwick and I have two things to do today, I have to things to do this afternoon I have to home I have to warn home I have the car home I have to I have to blame him I have to cars home I have to Houma I have to ride home I have to have them I have to Houma I have to live in them come

Do goldfish I go feed a goldfish I both the lightbulb a lightbulb a great have a greyhound great have a great time at bonefish Kofi please bring home a great day have a great house I live bowl of Eiffel a lightbulb a Laipo

Avenue ball except football I have a new bowl football I want to come pick up I want to come pick up I when I can call I want to Coca-Cola I want to think up I want to come pick up I want to putting pop I want to come pick up Avenue ball in the football Avenue ball it’s a football