Artificial intelligence is about making your daily experiences a little bit smarter, by making intelligence into your every day actions come for a temple

Siri could take your messages using voice processing, and assist you in the liver any emails to people of importance. Facebook it’s actually didn’t seem something similar but recommending you for us and we used to watch you send an image to recognition. Waze is providing up to my roots based on the artificial intelligence as soon as you open the app.

Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have created tools to augment human capabilities. Sure, you can get across Europe in the horse drawn careers, but an airplane is a tool that gets you there much faster. Artificial intelligence is just another tool that that’s here to help you go faster. With AI, we can harness the power of that so that we can expand to the reach of Humanas parties to solve unforeseen problems.

But more than that, AAA represents a massive change in technology. You may call it a part of the shift or quotes this disruption