Sending an email to your leads? Schedule it for later!

As a business owner, you’re always eager to showcase your services or products as much as possible. This is also true when sending emails through your lead management system.

You’ve worked hard on gathering and putting together content full of products updates and news about your services. You know your clients and prospects are going to be delighted with the info you’re about to send.

The email already looks astonishing, from the subject line that you’ve though hard or to captivate the attention, to these beautiful product images that you’ve recently taken.

If you use Hubspot to send your emails, you’ve probable sent a preview to your inbox already or ran a litmus test to get sure everything looks fantastic!

This is the moment of true… you’re about to hit “Send”.

Why scheduling emails is really crucial for your business

If you hit send right away, you might come to realize a few seconds after that you’ve forgotten to add something to the text of your email, for example: you’ve sent the email with no CTA, or forgot to add the links to your website.

Sending it right after finishing the process of putting it together is absolutely not in the best interest of your business. You might be missing on an important part of the process: The proofing.

If you’ve finished your masterpiece, and you’re really eager to send it today so you can start sparking the interest for your products and possible new sales, the best way to proceed is not to send it right away, but to schedule it for an hour later.

This gives you time to think about details that you might have passed, or simply to give your bran a break after all that work. If you come to realize you’ve forgotten to add something, it is as simple as opening the scheduled email again and modify, you’ll have a full hour for that!

How do you schedule an email for later?

Hubspot allows you to schedule emails right in the email composing screen. When writing your email, just go to the next tab after you’ve reviewed it:

You’ll see a Schedule button that will allow you to indicate the exact date and time you want your email to be sent:

Use it to schedule the email for an hour later.

Voila! Now go and grab a cup of coffee, be sure to talk with an employee or an associate and let him know about the great email you’re about to send. Engage yourself in meaningless conversation, this will help your brain finalize the puzzle by itself and ring an alert if something is wrong or missing so you can change it before it gets ese to to your list of leads.

If you later find that you are in need to modify the email, simply go to the scheduled tab at your Hubspot account and you’ll find your email there:

Scheduling emails is a very good practice for businesses of all sizes. Train your employees so they get into the habit of scheduling, so if anybody has any last minute suggestion, it is still possible to get in and edit the email before the email gets sent.