The wonderful world of automations

iPhone is now allowing automations to happen based on actions or statuses on your device. Automations are useful to it secured actions in your home, for example, turning on the lights, turning on the coffee maker, or manipulating the status of devices in your house.

The automation is hard and really useful for the every day use in your heart
Whenever you go out of your house, for example, iPhone cannot only detect that you’re going out but also can’t detect if you aren’t connecting to your CarPlay. So when this happens, your music will start automatically, your thermostats can be sent to our lower temperature, the lights on your house can be turned off, and your map will automatically open it with the address of the next appointment that you have.

All of this can be configured depending on the time
So for example, if in the morning, your GPS will adjust the map so you can go to your work. But if in the afternoon, then the map will show your home address instead. Also the automation can run automatically when you are arriving to your house. iPhone will be able to detect your location, let’s say, 2 km away from your house.

This opens a new world



The new better for iPhone this out number 13. It comes with new features that enhance experience of the user of the iPhone.

One of the features that I like most, is the new Shortcuts app, that comes with the possibility of creating automation for your home lights, connect to the CarPlay, and even brew you a fresh coffee in the morning as soon as you set your alarm off.
Other features are, Dartmoor, dark mold, improvements to the keyboard with a swipe function that makes it easier to write.

The better it’s going to be in development mode until September 2019, when it’s going to be released to the public. In the meantime we will be testing and helping the Apple team develop new phones for now.