The new iPhone 5

The new iPhone 5 has arrived to the market.  This time it seems to have not that many feature changes at its predecessors had.  We remember that every time Jobs released to the world a new baby, it was packed with tons of different features and cool new tech stuff, but this time, the company didn’t do it and may be the “Steve Jobs” influence has come to play now that he’s not longer present


Will the iPhone 5 be as succesful as the predecessors?

This is an excellent opportunity for investors to measure their investment on Apple. The price of the stock is on its lower for a year (around 450 per stock) and it seems that a new iPhone with a hight resolution screen and better battery performance is not going to be all apple needs to retake their position on the market.

We will see if the brilliant creativity that Jobs had place into each one of the products that Apple developed in the past can be replaced with some genius work from the developers and engineers for the next iPhone.  If not, may be we could be on the edge of a new technological era with other companies (for example Samsung) leading the market.