Upgrade your Vera controller to UI7

Vera released this week their latests UI to the public.  This release is a candidate firmware that may be will be automatically applied to all veras around after a few more testing.

Vera UI7 Dashboard
Vera UI7 Dashboard

If you want to go ahead and start using the UI7 you can do it by accessing your UI5 or UI6 setup page and search for the firmware tab, then you can drop the following link into the “Advanced: URL for Vera Custom Firmware” input and click on continue.


The process is pretty much simple and it last for about 15 minutes.  During this time you will not be able to access your vera on the IP address that you usually use but after 15 minutes you will be able to see the new Vera UI7 green dashboard and start using your controller again.

New menu navigation

Vera UI7 Navigation
Vera UI7 Navigation

The first thing you will notices is that the navigation in the Vera UI7 is way easier than before.  It consist on 9 links on the left part of the screen that are always present and available for you to navigate.

This new navigation menu is having the following links:

  • Dashboard
  • Devices
  • Cameras
  • Scenes
  • Energy
  • Settings
  • Apps
  • User & Account Info
  • Logout

The Dashboard menu item is where you will find all your favorite devices and default scenes to have a quick idea and glimpse of what’s happening in your house.

The Devices menu item allow you to access and configure any device you have installed on your vera.  This menu would be very similar in functionality to the “devices” menu on the UI 5 interface.

The Scenes menu will be probably the most used by all Vera owners, as here is where you access your custom and specific scenes like “watching a movie” or “going sleep” or “children playing at the backyard”.  Here you will be able to configure as many scenes you need.

Energy will allow you to connect with EchoLabs and receive reports of your energy consumption.

The settings menu item will allow you to configure almost every aspect of the Vera controller.  Rooms, Wifi, Backups, Logs, Z-Wave settings, Insteon Settings and much more.

Apps menu item will send you to the apps page, which is now beautiful and styled in a way much people would dream of in the Vera UI5.

The last menu item before the logout button is the User & Account Info where you will be able of specify your user settings, create new users, manage your alerts, etc.


Default Scenes

The UI7 is full of improvements that will make your life much easier when programming your modules and scenes.  For example, having 4 default scenes on the dashboard is an excellent way to control your house without much clicking around.

Vera UI7 Default Scenes


Favorites in Dashboard

Your favorites will also be listed on the Dashboard in a slick way and you can always have a glampse of what’s happening at your house by looking directly at your rooms where you have favorite devices:

Vera UI7 favorites in dashboard
Vera UI7 favorites in dashboard


The scenes menu is now way more clean and easy to use and configure.  You will access your scenes in the main scenes screen and you can easily play them just by clicking a button without much hunt

Vera UI7 Scenes
Vera UI7 Scenes


Apps Section

The Apps page is probably the one that got most of the changes in the right direction.  Not only because the slick styling which is appealing and attractive but also because the easiest way of adding Apps to your Vera.

Vera Apps Page
Vera Apps Page


You will still be able to develop your own apps and add your Luup code using the Develop Apps access:

Vera Develop Apps
Vera Develop Apps


It is definitely a good change for this Apps section of the Vera which was very much forgotten and lacking in both styling and functionality in the previous UIs.


Final Note

As a final note, if you still don’t have a Vera account you will need to open a new one on here: https://home.getvera.com . This is because the old mios account will not work anymore.

If you want to find out more, go to the getvera website: