What does it means to be able to practice english every day

It’s interesting to think how speaking language could be so important for the development of somebody especially speaking clearly and with awful don’t know thinking that for me it’s very easy to listen to somebody speaking or even a lease into a group of people delegating about in the butt but at the time where I’m supposed to be seen I labia call me if you can become so close he’s in the main reason it because picking up food more than three phrase together for the difficult is not a meeting at which is Hovious please call me booty hole or pick up

One of those other two are the fact that I cannot put rephrase it to get it what is the pin at the meters of the frame that makes thank you very difficult to have to stop and interrupt myself to analyze what I’m saying and also to try and play your part for the fridge so for me tonight or practice in every single day how to put together those warm up

This is war see you read because very useful because I am going to be able to speak to her and she’s going to be transcribing what I say so I can read it after duck it’s helpful to know that I can be reading my homey steaks or what Siri interpreted as my warts and pretty.

I want to learn how to save the 54 and I will research on the Internet for that for the war it bad rise call him I will try to try am at way of saying that the word correctly and also I will like to add to download and that they probably have premises him at that allow me to practicing my cigar.com.

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