What’s new in Zoho Analytics 4.0

Zoho announced Zoho Analytics Version 4.0 a few months ago. The new release comes packed with various well-though upgrades that most businesses will appreciate.

If you haven’t used Zoho Analytics for a while, you’ll see a popup message the next time you login that looks like this:

To start using Zoho Analytics version 4.0, simply click the “Got it” button.

What’s new in Zoho Analytics

The most obvious change is the naming. The Analytics suite from Zoho was renamed from Zoho Reports to Zoho Analytics.

The next change that you will notice, and the one we like the most, is the new refreshed user interface, full of new features like, for example, dashboards and workspaces in one place, ability to connect to any data source to pull data for reports, and the introduction of an artificial intelligence agent called Zia.

The dashboards in particular are now very flexible and will become a powerful tool for your business. Once you import all your data, you will be able to start creating a few dashboards with your KIP on them.

The level of detail that you can now get from your own data will definitely help you increase your business productivity and allow you to be at the top of all the important indicators for your company.

The list of data connectors is also growing, now with connections to most of the services used by medium to big corporations: Facebook Ads, Zendesk, MailChimp, Stripe, HubSpot and also your local databases.

New to Zoho Analytics? Go ahead and try it for free by registering your account here. You will be able to use some of the integrations, and test the software by creating a few workspaces and dashboards.

Note that most of the useful integrations, like Hubspot, Shopify or Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads require a subscription. You will still be able to request a 15 day trial period, to test if the integrations are adequate for your business.