Why is YouTube Music better than Spotify

Spotify plus revolutionize the world by offering a streaming service that allows you to play any song you want without having to download anything to your cell phone or computer.

Spotify was the first to provide such service. Later came Apple with their Apple Music streaming service, YouTube with YouTube Music, Google music, and many other services.

Regardless of competition, Spotify maintain its position in the market for a few years. Even good to be listed on the stock market, and generate it not only does it but also a way for employees to sell their stock and the general public to buy a portion of the company.

Oh, when you have one of the most powerful companies in the world that’s your competition, Things are not going to be easy.

Why is YouTube music better than Spotify

Google has a wonderful technology, with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Do you know many things about their users, preferences, tasteless, and what do they like.

gSo when Google decided to enter this space, they did it with everything they have. Dave really is YouTube music as a premium service, would you don’t get service at this, but also your music taste gets to be on the first to buy the machine intelligence that they provide. Play lists and some of them self in then or someway, something that even Spotify cannot match. This is considering that the playlist artist but buddy for Spotify are awesome, but pale in comparison with the ones made that the intelligence at YouTube music.

Is it worth the money

YouTube music charges a little bit more than to Spotify. The difference accounts for about 30 to 40% more.

For most of the people, the difference it’s simply too high. But YouTube music it’s not the only thing you get when you pay Google for their subscription. You also get to have YouTube premium, or, as they called it, YouTube red, a premium service that serve you videos without ads. So your YouTube experience watching the videos also improve a lot. It seems that the whole YouTube universe becomes way better when you pay the subscription.

So when you compare this to Spotify, who only provides the music without hertz for a fee, with a limited understanding on your test, you get to see that it’s worth the difference, to pay for the subscription for the whole YouTube interface.

Of course, there’s always the possibility of not paying for the music you listen to. In this case bothYouTube in Spotify seem to provide the same value on their free plans.

A tip to get to try YouTube music

Same as with Spotify, YouTube music also releases some promotions once or twice during the year.

So I’ll just wait until you see or hear about a promotion with YouTube, so that you can get to try the services for a small fee. If you like it that much, then we can say it’s worth formalizing your subscription for the price they charge.

What’s the do you think, let us know if you already use YouTube Music on and how do you feel it compares with Spotify.

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