Why it makes sense to set subdomain on a wordpress multisite

A wordpress multisite subdomain configuration allows you to have multiple blogs or sites under the same domain but on separated sub domains.  For example, a typlical wordpress multisite subdomain configuration would be like this:


Site 1:

Site 2:

Site 3:

This is absolutely great if your intention is to handle multiple sites holding different information about different topics.  The greatness behind this configuration is that it will allow you to be more flexible with your slugs and will show everything related to one blog on a separate “domain” or subdomain.  This will allow you to be more precise when setting your slugs for categories, tags, etc.

WordPress multisite subdomains are the solution for having a bunch of different sites all sharing the same plugins and themes, and the great thing about this configuration is that each site can decide if activating or not some plugins or themes, so there’s full control on each site.

With a wordpress multisite subdomain configuration you will benefit of two different aspects:

  1. Each domain holds its own ranking on google.
  2. Each domain can create as many slugs needed without conflicting with the other sites.


These two are extreme important as because first, if you would have all sites under a subfolder then whatever information is inside one subfolder could affect other sites ranking.  Let’s say one site gets penalized by google, well.. probably all sites on the domain are going to suffer of the same status.

Secondly, having a wordpress multisite subdomain configuration you can be sure you’re never having conflicts between the pages.  Let’s see the reason why:

If you were having a sufolder configuration, your URLs would be like this:


Then let’s say you’re on your main site and you want to create a page about automobiles.  the page slug would be:

www.moreabout.com/automobile/ (new page under the root site www.moreabout.com)

which is pretty much exactly the same as in www.moreabout.com/automobile/ (your second site!!)  Imagine the mess when trying to set a site with hundreds of different categories, tags and pages…  With this in mind you could go ahead and let every user on your wordpress multisite to create, edit modify all posts and slugs without even being afraid of anything bad happening with your redirections.

That said, with a wordpress multisite subdomain configuration you will get this:


If you’re creating the same page on the first site:

www.moreabout.com/automobile would be completely different from automobile.moreabout.com

This is the cleaner way and you want your pages and sites to look like that.    That’s why a wordpress multisite subdomain configuration will be your best friend when wanting to handle different sites with different users but sharing same plugins and themes.