Will the new Blackberry 10 conquer the world?

Amazing as it sounds, Research in Motion is trying again to elevate the blackberry to a desired position on the market.  This, of course, is not their first try, but could be the last one if the mobile company doesn’t get its objective this time.


Blackberry has been a strong brand on the market for many years, but lately it has loose a lot of steam by not releasing upgrades to their phones on the right moment and by letting competitors run ahead with implementing the most newest characteristics on their phones.

It could be the last time for Blackberry

The company is placing all the effort on this new blackberry 10 software and on their new blackberry touch device.   This is the moment of truth, or they sell the device like crazy and get a good share of the market again, or they can say goodbye to their positioning on the market and see their stocks get even lower on the stock market.

Only time will tell…

Do you think the blackberry 10 will be a success?

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